Not long ago, people believed that only a blessed few were born with intuitive powers. But advancement of science and technology has shown that any and everyone can develop this amazing talent, provided you have patience and know the right way to learn the skill:  

The first tip is, as incredible as it may sound, to get hypnotized! Remember, hypnosis is not limited to falling asleep while watching a swaying pendulum. Buy books and CDs on self-hypnosis and learn how to use the power of hypnosis to hone your intuitive skills. 

Secondly, to trigger your already-existing intuitive powers, you have to put your mind to rest. Nothing can do this better than meditation through breathing techniques like yoga etc. Our mind is a storehouse of immense amount of useless garbage and unless the mind is cleared of this junk, you can never get down to the level of the subconscious.  

Attract positive energy to your mind and body by thinking positive. A mind that is clear and thinks positive, can foresee events clearer than most others. 

Listen to the voices within and practice attachment with detachment. If you are overtly busy with worldly affairs, bickering, complaining, etc, you are far removed from attaining mental balance, so necessary to reach the realms of the inner mind. 

Never wait for the intuitive powers to fall on your lap, even if you feel detached from the world and cultivate spiritual awareness. Have patience and soon the truth would dawn on you.

Rely on first impressions. These are formed by your inherent intuitive powers. 

Learn to pursue happiness and stay happy all the time. It makes you attractive for positive energies and this is the gateway to develop intuitive skills. 

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