Many Americans are looking for jobs. The economy has been up and down and many people are finding themselves in a position to look for jobs. Whether you are unemployed or simply looking to restart your career there are now many options for looking for that perfect dream job. Below are a couple of tips for job hunting:

Online databases: Online databases offer individuals an opportunity to see jobs that are available. Hopeful job candidates can post their resumes for prospective employers to review. Looking through online databases can also help in determining what jobs are available in the market.

Research: Researching companies that one wants to work at can help determine what type of jobs to apply for. Is the company a large corporation? How many employers are there? The internet offers a wealth of opportunities to explore companies and what companies have to offer to their employees.

Networking: Networking is perhaps the most important and influential parts of looking for a job. There are many avenues to pursue networking such as job fairs, LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Twitter are now common methods to stay in touch and meet other like minded individuals.

Cold calls/informational interviews: Plan on making 40 calls and about 15 to 20 letters a week. Make sure to keep up quality of content and remember that these contacts are a reflection of your professional image. Informational interviews are also a great way to get necessary face to face time with people within the industry. Buying someone lunch or a coffee may be a small to price for invaluable information and a good contact with someone in your desired industry.

Getting organized: Job hunting can be a full time job in itself. Keep a log or a diary that records all the information you compile in your job hunt. Keep a list of companies that interest you, jobs that interest you, companies you’ve reached out to, and companies that you’ve applied to. Having a roladex or a online contacts program helps keep contact information organized. Daily to do lists and writing out bigger picture goals also help keep priorities in order.

Stay positive: Job hunting can not only be time consuming but overwhelming. Stay healthy and positive by either seeking counseling or guidance from friends and family members. Also, it is important to make sure that negative dialogue does not take over.

Seek professional help: A life coach can help you stay organized, positive, and accomplish goals and small tasks. There are different types of life coaches that specialize in different categories.

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