Life Stinks? How to Detach From Your Garbage Truck

Life stinks.

If that statement bubbled up in your thoughts recently then you may be attached to life decaying garbage truck thinking. Simply put, if you stuff your mind with garbage you will create stinky outcomes. If you focus upon all that is bad in your life you will only add to the garbage dump that is becoming your daily experience.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Let’s say you’re rushing to get to work on the 405 freeway when another driver cuts in front of you and slams on the brakes. You toot your horn forcefully to give him a warning as you avoid a whopper of a fender bender. He responds with a slew of obscenities and the ubiquitous finger punctuator. It happens – a lot – if you live in a busy metropolis such as Los Angeles. read more

Open Up and Bloom – It’s Your Choice

It has been said that human beings are the only creatures privileged with the ability to refuse to bloom and open up. Why is that? Why are we privileged in this sense and why do we resist?

We are privileged because as conscious beings we have the power of choice. You can say yes to things or you can say no. You can say yes to Divine Guidance and Wisdom or you can resist and say no. It’s your choice. Consider this quote by Rumi: “Who says the eternal being does not exist? Who says the sun has gone out? Someone who climbs up on the roof, and closes his eyes tight, and says I don’t see anything.” You see, you CAN go to the rooftop and close your eyes tightly – it’s your choice. Buy why would you do that? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but a big one may be having been hurt by past experiences of trusting and opening up. read more

One Dozen Contemplations

Given that I could not answer easily the question, “How do you contemplate?” here is a contemplation how I contemplate. I find there are deliberate and non-deliberate contemplations.

The deliberate contemplations are:

1. Reading the Bible – the most direct contemplations come from reading the words, the verses, and whole books of God’s Word. I read expecting to hear from God when reading, and most of the time I do, and especially when I engage in Lectio Divina, which is praying the Word slowly and repeatedly, emphasising words and phrases, imagining ourselves as the reader who is also divine speaker. read more



您必須控制整個情況。不著急。不要反應過度。保持鎮定並阻止任何反應。取而代之的是想辦法應對這種負面情況。當您的想法仍然困惑時,請避免執行任何操作,因為此時您無法正確執行任何操作。負面的事情會使您情緒激動並帶來更大的壓力,因此應對這兩種情況很重要。 read more

Several Tips on Unleashing Your Intuitive Powers

Not long ago, people believed that only a blessed few were born with intuitive powers. But advancement of science and technology has shown that any and everyone can develop this amazing talent, provided you have patience and know the right way to learn the skill:  

The first tip is, as incredible as it may sound, to get hypnotized! Remember, hypnosis is not limited to falling asleep while watching a swaying pendulum. Buy books and CDs on self-hypnosis and learn how to use the power of hypnosis to hone your intuitive skills.  read more

Tips for Job Hunting

Many Americans are looking for jobs. The economy has been up and down and many people are finding themselves in a position to look for jobs. Whether you are unemployed or simply looking to restart your career there are now many options for looking for that perfect dream job. Below are a couple of tips for job hunting:

Online databases: Online databases offer individuals an opportunity to see jobs that are available. Hopeful job candidates can post their resumes for prospective employers to review. Looking through online databases can also help in determining what jobs are available in the market. read more

What Is Fear

Your Fears-Friend or Foe?

The purpose of fear is to keep us from getting hurt, a built in protection mechanism. Unfortunately, we begin to fear many things other than those that will actually cause us harm. Through association, past experience or our vivid imaginations, the list of things that elicit fear grows as we get older. At some point in your life you felt something, usually pain that made your brain exclaim, “I never want to feel like that again!” Your brain took you seriously and vowed to keep you safe. Your brain establishes fear to act as your emotional guardian. read more

Being Connected Does Not Mean You Connect

It was one of those hard sunny days that you only get in late summer in New England. The sun cut across the water like a laser through a steel door. I didn’t want to be here. I had a million other things I’d rather do and a million other places I’d rather be.

I was taking my father in law and brother in law for a cruise on the Connecticut River. We were leaving the marina in my Sea Ray. I’d done this a million times. Guiding the boat through the narrow gap between finger piers; catching the tide and wind just right to slip into the freedom of the open river was second nature… that is, on every day but today. read more

Persistence: Is Persistence An Important Part Of Success?

There are some people who have the ability or the skill to do something and yet, that is as far as it goes. And this is going to mean that they end up wasting what they have and it will always be a mystery as to what they could have achieved.

In other cases, there are going to be people who put in the work to achieve their goals but just before they reach their target, they stop. And this can be someone who is full of ability or someone who isn’t.

So what is missing in the first example is taking action in general and in the second example, it is consistent action. When one doesn’t take action, it won’t matter how capable they are, as nothing is going to happen. And if one doesn’t take consistent action, it still won’t matter how capable they are, as they are not going to hang in there until the end. read more

The Fine Line

Mean people hurt others. Good people love others.

If you have been through any type of meanness or cruelty you will understand where I am coming from. When someone does something mean to you, your first reaction is to get even, or to try to justify yourself. This is absolutely the worst thing that you can do, and I’ll tell you why.

Just imagine for a moment; you are on a street walking, there is a line in the middle of the road and the person who wronged you is on the other side of the street walking toward you. As you both walk closer she is yelling obscenities and carrying on, talking a mile a minute and throwing accusations and just being mean. Now there are two ways to handle this scenario, you’ll get my point in a moment. read more