Importance of Using the Proper Meditation Pillow

It is very important to choose the right pillow for meditation. The right kind of pillow would make your session very successful. Many people try to concentrate when practicing the art of meditating without using any form of support during the session. The whole purpose of meditation may prove futile, if your posture is wrong and not properly supported.

First, take into account the place you plan to meditate and seat yourself before you choose a pillow for meditation. You may need a special pillow, depending on the type of technique you wish to follow. Whether you plan to meditate on concrete, hard wood floors, or sit on soft grass – this pillow could help you to feel comfortable. read more

Staying Fresh!

Three quarters of the way through the year you may be feeling a little stuck…maybe you are getting ready for the ramp up towards the end of the year and need to get your energy revved up?

Have you ever wondered how you can stay fresh? And what the benefits of being fresh can be?

Imagine waking up each morning and REALLY looking forward to the day ahead. Leaping out of bed with eager anticipation and curiosity about what will happen.

How often do you feel like this?

What difference do you think it might make to your work and your life? read more

3 Ways to Automate Your Training Operation for Profits

With the recent skyrocketing oil price over $95 or near $100, gasoline costs and travel expenses will certainly challenge today’s training business for all professional trainers, coaches, and small/medium sized companies. Whether you’re a professional trainer, coaches, or educator, or small/medium sized companies, you may want to ask how you should protect your training business operations when gasoline and travel costs become doubled or tripled of your current costs. Customers will have to revisit how they can achieve the training goals with less and more cost-effective ways. read more

What’s Next? Are You Ready to Reinvent?

It starts in grade school. Family members, friends of family members, neighbours, and others start asking you questions about your future life. Questions like – what do you want to be when you grow up? What courses are you going to take in high school? Are you planning to go to university, to college? Then you reach 50 and they start asking – when are you going to retire? When are you going to stop working and take it easy?

And throughout these many years and in response to these many questions, you, oftentimes, answer with a mere “I don’t know”. read more

Rats and Body Odor

Years ago, a pilot was attempting a world record long distance flight. He was nearing the end of his journey and was two hours away from the next airport and his final target, when he heard a frightening sound. He heard the distinct sound of a rat gnawing at something. The adventurer knew that this could spell disaster; the rat could chew through his control lines or the fuel line, and cause him to crash into the mountains below! At first he started panicking, but then he started thinking about a solution. At last it came to him: rats can’t handle high altitudes! Don’t ask me how he knew that, but his knowledge solved his problem. He started climbing higher and higher, until the gnawing sound ceased. The rat had died from the high altitude. When he landed his plane, he found the dead rat. read more

Self-improvement – Taking Charge of Our Lives By Examining Ourselves

How many times have you blamed someone else for your own mistake? We do not like to think that we do that but take a look at yourself sometimes and hear what you are saying. You may be surprised at what you hear.

In church recently, I was making a purchase in their store and the cashier was letting her daughter press buttons on the keyboard. When I handed her my credit card she had just finished telling the daughter I was writing a check. The daughter immediately pressed the check button following the mother’s instructions. As the mother took the credit card she began chastising the child and said, “See this is why I don’t want you touching buttons” and she had to void the order and start over again. The girl stated that she had only pressed what the mother told her. read more

Practice Gratitude – The Benefits

The recent survival of the thirty-three Chilean miners trapped underground for sixty-nine days has prompted me to write about being grateful no matter the circumstances, conditions or state you are in.

For sixty-nine days the world watched wondering how the thirty-three men would manage such a life threatening situation – trapped, isolated and with the knowledge that if the rescue operations failed, a slow deterioration and death was the only outcome.

It is undoubtedly a true test of the mental toughness and resilience of each man (and their loved ones), to navigate and mentally sustain themselves whilst the rescue efforts progressed. When anyone triumphs such adversity, it is a testimony to strength, courage, perseverance, determination, and faith with gratitude. read more

Be Creative – Write Better – Get Published

You don’t have to be a published author to manage your own business, but your marketing materials and correspondence definitely need to convey a comprehensible, to-the-point, error-free message. You may come across amateurish phrases or subtle typos throughout your important paperwork. But the power of spell check alone won’t turn your writing into a proactive, priceless skill for your business. Here are some tips that will help you along your way to creating better communications.

Edit, Edit Some More, and Edit again read more

Winners Must Learn to Be Losers

Which would you rather be, a winner or a loser? There is only one answer to that – we are all trying to be winners! But which are you – a winner or a loser? We would all like to claim to be winners – nobody likes to admit to being a loser. The truth, however, is that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose – in business, in financial matters, at sport or in personal relationships. As they say, you can’t win all the time! That’s an important truth, trivial and cliched as it may sound. read more

The Problems in Problems

It is perfectly normal to sometimes get carried away with a problem or a worry. Almost everyone is confronted with the dreaded ‘what if’ at some point in their lives. Some people more so than others. Sometimes the ‘what ifs’ can drag a person down into a spiral of anxiety and despair. When this happens, it can take quite a while to pull yourself back out, especially when the ‘what ifs’ hit at two o’clock in the morning. At these moments all a person can see is black. Problem after problem arises and piles up to form a seemingly insurmountable wall. There appears to be no way out and disaster looks like the only possible outcome. If this point is reached, it is time to take a deep breath and step back. read more